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What is EPUB File

EPUB is a format and, at the same time, a file extension that is mainly used for e-books. The term is an acronym for electronic publication. EPUB allows the data and information contained in the e-book to be read and distributed by users and is supported by many e-book readers, both software and hardware. In terms of software, there are compatible software packages for most smart devices, tablets and computers. EPUB is a technical standard published by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). It became an official IDPF standard in September 2007, replacing the old Open eBook standard. One of the advantages of the EPUB format is that there are two types of layout: fixed and variable.

Fixed layout EPUB: The book is similar to a PDF file, it is static and everything is configured in a specific position: text, images, audio, etc. The text cannot be resized or relocated, so these electronic files can have the page numbering in the header or footer. This type is ideal for children's publications.

Variable Layout EPUB: These are called "adjustable" because they are not limited by a fixed page numbering. The text fits on as many pages as you need and the images can also be moved according to the text. Increasing the font size will improve vision since the words will be larger, but at the same time the book will have more pages.


EPUB has great advantages over PDF due to the adjustable layout as it can respond to user commands such as larger fonts, larger margins on the sides, etc. In many electronic readers the text cannot be zoomed in, therefore a PDF with very small typeface can be unreadable.

EPUB vs. Word

Doc and Docx formats cannot be read by electronic reading devices and applications (eReading).

It is evident that to open, read or edit an EPUB file it is necessary to have suitable software installed, be it an EPUB reader or editor.

File Extension Info

EPUB Quick Info
  Electronic Publication
  application/xhtml+xml   application/epub+zip
Opens with
  Microsoft Edge
  Apple Books