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What is EPUB file?

The EPUB (electronic publication) file format is an electronic book format with the extension .EPUB. It is possible to download EPUB files and read them on smartphones, tablets, electronic readers or computers.

How can I open EPUB file?

One way to open an EPUB file is to use Microsoft Edge, which is a browser preinstalled in Microsoft Windows. To do so, simply double-click on an EPUB file and then scroll as necessary. Or you can use one of the following packages to open it:

  • Caliber: Caliber is a program that allows you to open and collect EPUB files, having the benefit that you can create and access a library of EPUB files within the same program. Caliber is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.
  • Sumatra: Simple application whose initial function is that of a PDF viewer, however, it has other reading formats such as EPUB, MOBI, CBZ and CBR. This application is only compatible with Windows computers.
  • Freda: It is a free program for Windows with ads, which allows us to read books in EPUB format. Freda is an EPUB reader for Windows 10 that you can download from the Microsoft online store.
  • Google Play Book: EPUB reader (among other formats) available for Android devices, however, any computer with a browser can access the web service provided by the application, with the Google user account.

Are EPUB files binary?

EPUB files are compressed XHTML files. It means that EPUB file is binary but it can be decompressed and converted into textual XHTML form. In this form it can be read and modified by any text editor.

File Extension Info

EPUB Quick Info
  Electronic Publication
  application/xhtml+xml   application/epub+zip
Opens with
  Microsoft Edge
  Apple Books