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Quick EPUB Editing

EPUB is a compressed digital book format that contains several files, among which you can find XML, XHTML, CSS or JPEG. In essence it is a ZIP. Thus, to access the content of an EPUB, simply change the extension and open it with our favorite ZIP compressor. Although there are powerful and complex tools for the task of editing an EPUB file, the focus of this article is to show a simple and fast way to do such editing, using the text editor that we prefer. It is a small portable program for Windows called Tweak EPUB.

Tweak EPUB

Tweak EPUB is a very small application that allows you to access a list of  all the files that an EPUB contains and open any of them with the text editor you want. Although by default the one selected is the notepad, you can change it at any time.

The process is the following:

Open an EPUB with the application, select the file you want to change and it opens in the editor that you have configured. We modify, save in editor, and then save back to Tweak EPUB so the changes are preserved in the book.

Basically, the program automatically performs the task of decompression, editing and compression of the new volume of information, something you can do by hand, of course. Basically all it does is unzip the EPUB into a temporary folder and then compress it again. However, it makes the process more comfortable and faster. And since it is only a small executable that does not require installation, we can port it to any device. The program is free and, in principle, it works on all versions of Windows. On the page where it is downloaded from, you can read a tutorial that specifies quite well how it works, although it has no more mystery than what I have already explained here.

File Extension Info

EPUB Quick Info
  Electronic Publication
  application/xhtml+xml   application/epub+zip
Opens with
  Microsoft Edge
  Apple Books