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Reading an EPUB from the web browser

Reading EPUB files from the web browser is already possible just by having a google account. This makes it easier for us to read electronic book files without having to carry an ereader in addition to our pc or tablet. You just have to go to Google Books, once you are connected to google with your user ID, select My books, and upload any document you want in EPUB format. It could be classified as a chrome EPUB reader.

Google books

It is an EBOOKS reading cloud service provided by Google that can be opened in a web browser in a simple way without the need to install anything additional.

How to upload the EPUB

The process of uploading the documents is as simple as clicking the 'Upload Files' button and selecting the documents from any disk on your computer or Google Drive. Once the file is loaded, to be able to read it, you just have to click on the cover and it will open for reading on a double page. An added benefit of using Google Books to read files online is the ability to instantly translate into any of the languages supported by Google Translate. Entire paragraphs can be translated as well as single words.

This new possibility allows you to read your EPUB files from any device whenever you are using your Google account. It is also possible to read files that are edited in PDF.


One of the most important disadvantages of Google Books is the impossibility of downloading the document or book on other computers or devices where you use the service; it cannot be shared either.

Microsoft Edge EPUB Reader

Microsoft Edge have a feature that definitely makes it more attractive to users. The latest version of the browser supports the EPUB file format, allowing users to read their favorite EPUB books directly in the browser, allowing them to customize the browsers' reading interface and change the font and size of the text. Also, users can choose from 3 themes and insert bookmarks.

File Extension Info

EPUB Quick Info
  Electronic Publication
  application/xhtml+xml   application/epub+zip
Opens with
  Microsoft Edge
  Apple Books