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An EPUB is basically a text file easily configurable by the user, while a PDF is not, which is a layout file where each word or object occupies a specific space. This means that in e-readers of certain sizes, such as those of the Amazon Kindle family, they do not always appear correctly as it is not possible to modify elements such as text size or line breaks.
The solution to this problem is to convert PDF files to an eBook format. For this, there are several types of tools to do it easily. On the one hand, we have web pages specially designed to perform this single function, and on the other, cross-platform software that allows you to do this and much more when managing the content of your electronic books.

There are several eBook formats. The most popular is the EPUB format, adopted by practically all devices except Amazon's Kindle, but you also have others such as MOBI, Amazon's AZW3 or Sony's proprietary BbeB format.

Doing a search in google already appears a good collection of pages specially designed to convert one format into another, most of them are very easy to use, with a friendly interface, and in which you only have to choose the eBook format you want pass the PDF, for example EPUB, press the Upload button or drag the file over the area marked by the web so that it is automatically uploaded and converted and finally press Download.

In upload options, the website is quite complete, since it not only allows you to use local files, but you can use the PDFs that you have saved in Dropbox or Google Drive. You can preconfigure the resulting EPUB file before doing the conversion. Some pages from where you can download electronic books, either free or paid, you can choose to download it in PDF or EPUB directly.

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