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The EPUB format is probably the most popular format across the internet for reading e-books. Most of the book downloads available online are on EPUB. Well, this doesn't have to be a problem at all if you buy a Kindle eReader from Amazon, which doesn't support this format at all. Although it is true, that by default Kindle ebooks do not support the EPUB format, the solution is very simple, and is available to everyone. The solution is to convert the EPUB format to the format that the Kindle supports, either MOBI or AZW, and then transfer the ebooks to the Kindle easily. If you have books in the specific format of Kindle, you have several ways to upload the books to the Kindle:

  • If you have ebooks already downloaded to your computer, it is best to convert and transfer the selected books with this program to your Kindle. You can convert EPUB to AZW, Amazon's most up-to-date and proprietary Kindle reading format.
  • You can connect directly with Kindle via WIFI to Amazon, and buy electronic books in their store. They will automatically download to your Kindle.
  • The simplest and most obvious option. Connect the Kindle to the computer, look for the disk drive that corresponds to the Kindle in the explorer, open the location and put our books in the "Documents" folder in pdf, mobi, prc, azw or azw3 format.

But if your eBook is in EPUB format, then you must convert it to AZW.

To convert EPUB files into AZW you need a computer and the free Calibre application. It is available for Windows, MAC and Linux, so you can use it no matter what computer you have.

Once downloaded, you have to install the application. In the installation process, the application will ask you for a location for the books. The books will be copied to this directory when you add them to Caliber, so they recommend using an empty folder to create the library. Also in the installation process you must tell Caliber which electronic book reader you have. Before converting the ebook from one format to another, you must add it to the Calibre library.

Once you have added the book or books you want, choose the book you want to convert and click on the "Convert books" option. This will open a new window with several options but the most important thing at the moment is the output format. You must select it in the drop-down menu located in the upper right corner. Make sure the output format is AZW. Once selected, click on Accept at the bottom of the screen.

The last step will be to connect the Kindle to the computer and transfer the book in AZW format to the device, copying from the computer and pasting it into the folder. Another option is to do it directly from the Calibre application if the Kindle is compatible.

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