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Before going into the matter of converting an EPUB file to PDF, we must establish the differences and similarities of these formats.

EPUB: Format developed by the IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum). It is based on the optional use of XML and XHTM CSS style sheets. The basic concept of this format is the use of a floating design that allows the adaptation of the presentation to the screens of the different devices. The EPUB file is a ZIP file with the extension .epub. This file contains text and graphic elements in PDF, HTML and xHTML formats.

PDF: is an electronic document format designed by Adobe Systems that uses some features of the PostScript language. The official program for viewing documents in this format is Adobe Reader. Typically, PDF files are a combination of text with vector graphics and raster images, as well as text shapes, JavaScript scripts, and other types of articles.

Basically the PDF format is designed for documents with a different idea than an electronic book, that is, documents that by their nature do not require their original design to be modified in terms of their visualization, however, it may be the case in which the user does not have an EPUB reader on his device or computer and needs to convert it to PDF.

There are some online conversion services, we will focus on Convertio.

The steps to convert an EPUB to PDF are as follows:

  • Upload the EPUB file: Select the file (s) from your computer, or you can also use any cloud service where you have your file hosted, such as Google Drive, Dropbox or even add a URL.
  • Choose PDF: although most online converters have a wide variety of formats to convert, in this section you must choose PDF as the destination format.
  • Download your PDF file: When your file is converted, you can save the resulting PDF file immediately to your computer or device.
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