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EPUB (Electronic Publication) is an open standard format for digital publications used by most of the electronic readers available on the market. Many eBook sales platforms distribute EPUB files. There are more and more authors interested in accessing these platforms, beyond being limited to Amazon, which has its own formats. Therefore, we are going to see how to convert your manuscripts to EPUB. There are several methods of creating EPUB files. For MS Word users, the Calibre program offers one of the easiest options to convert to EPUB. Calibre is presented as a free open e-book management program, which, among other functions, allows the conversion between different types of files; for example, from DOCX to EPUB.

You should consider that Calibre does not convert DOC files, so it limits its compatibility to MS Office from 2007 onwards.

Steps to convert Word to EPUB using Calibre

  • First, you need to prepare your manuscript so that it is well edited and works properly when Caliber turns it into a fluent text eBook.
  • The next step is to download (free) the Calibre program, which is available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux. Make sure you always have the most recent version.
  • Then start Calibre, press the Add Books button and select the desired file. When it appears in the Calibre list, click on the title and then on the 'Convert books' button.
  • Enter the title of the book and the author. Click the button under Change cover image and browse your files for the one you want. For Output Format, select EPUB.
  • If you have not placed an index in your Word document, go to the EPUB Output tab in the sidebar. Check Insert an explicit index and Place the inserted index at the end of the book. This will show an index page as the last page of the book. Type Index or Table of Contents in Title for the inserted index. If you activate the option to insert an index and do not give it a title, Table of Contents will be displayed by default.
  • Click OK to start the conversion, when the task is finished, you will see that under the cover of your book the available formats will be indicated, to which EPUB has been added.
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  Electronic Publication
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