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Convert EPUB to Word

In the market there are a variety of online conversion services for e-books, such as Online-Convert. With this DOCX converter you can convert e-books or documents to Microsoft Word document format. This converter supports a variety of source and destination formats. You just have to upload a file or provide a download link and click "Convert file", however, before going into the matter of converting an EPUB file to Word, we must establish the differences and similarities of these formats.

EPUB: EPUB is an electronic book file format that uses the EPUB file extension, which is an acronym for the English expression Electronic PUBlication. EPUB is supported by many hardware and software e-book readers. It is a format developed by the IDPF (International Digital Publishing Forum) based on the optional use of CSS style sheets of XML and XHTM, having as a basic concept the adaptation of the presentation to the screens of the different devices through a design floating type. The EPUB file is a ZIP file with the extension .epub. In other words, it contains text and graphic elements in PDF, HTML and xHTML formats.

Microsoft Word (DOC and DOCX): You can open DOC file with Microsoft Word application which is a part of Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Word is a very popular word processing application. It was released by Microsoft in 1983 as a Multi-Tool Word for Xenix operating system but got renamed to Microsoft Word soon after the release. First version of Microsoft Word was developed by Richard Brodie, in less than seven months. After that subsequent versions were released for various platforms including DOS, Mac OS, Unix, OS/2, Atari ST, SCO Unix. Currently Microsoft Word desktop versions supports Windows and Mac OS. Mobile versions of Microsoft Word are available for Android and iOS.

Convert EPUB to Word

Using Online-Convert just follow these steps:

  • Upload the EPUB file, either using your device's file browser or by providing the URL where it is located.
  • Set the output file by providing the file name, target book reader, font, and margins.
  • Click on Start Conversion
File Extension Info

EPUB Quick Info
  Electronic Publication
  application/xhtml+xml   application/epub+zip
Opens with
  Microsoft Edge
  Apple Books