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EPUB and Mobile Devices

If you receive a file in EPUB format on your mobile phone or tablet, sent as an attachment by email, WhatsApp or another communication application, then you may be wondering what to do? An EPUB is a book in electronic format, which can contain a novel, an essay, an encyclopedia, a legislative norm or any other text, accompanied or not by images or even audio or video.

They are files, usually small in size, around 1 Mb. As they occupy so little it is very easy to share them through portable media. There are several actions involved in the reading experience with EPUB extension files

  • Receive the EPUB file: Either by mail, instant messaging software, or bluetooth, they are usually located in the /Download folder and it is where you can go to search with the file manager built in our device.
  • Organize the local digital library: It is convenient to organize before opening it, move the EPUB file from the download folder to the folder where you have the local digital library.
  • Open the file with the appropriate reader application: Clicking on the EPUB file will open a window offering to choose a reader application among those that are installed.

Ideally, you should have one or more reading applications installed, in addition to Google Play Books, which usually comes by default on Android devices. This application uploads the EPUB file to the Cloud in Google Drive of our account, in order to be able to read it on any of our devices using the reading application itself, in the 'My Collection' section. However, it has an important limitation: it allows you to upload books and also delete them, but not download them, so it is not possible, once uploaded, to store them elsewhere or share them.

There are many reading applications in the official Android or iOS stores, where there are both free and paid. For Android we can recommend:

In Apple's iOS the most widespread EPUB reader is iBooks.

File Extension Info

EPUB Quick Info
  Electronic Publication
  application/xhtml+xml   application/epub+zip
Opens with
  Microsoft Edge
  Apple Books